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About Us

At Alpine Farm, we are innovators with a passion for creativity!

Alpine farm is the realisation of a dream, taking a novel approach to the cultivation and consumption of cannabis, in all its aspects and applications. Passion, innovation, originality, open-mindedness and integrity are cornerstones of our work. To help realise our goals we are supported by a team of trusted medical doctors and academics who contribute to the development of our projects by bringing expertise, scientific knowledge and experience.

Alpine farm currently produces high quality Swiss artisanal cannabis and botanical herbal products, organically grown on the pristine, sun-soaked mountains of Ticino. Our production chain is located in an area particularly suited to the cultivation of cannabis, and engineered according to the latest processing and refining techniques. The expertise of our in-house agronomists specialised in the cultivation of this plant, yields a product at the top end of the quality spectrum.

Alpine Farm operates along several strategic pathways including production, research and development, education and agritourism.

Our team of dedicated growers cultivates the Alpine Farm CBD cannabis plantations with purpose and expertise. Our range of CBD cannabis plants includes a variety of strains, including Helvetica, a Swiss hybrid variety grown in a greenhouse. Our plants are exclusively grown using artisanal and organic methods. The particular climate of Ticino and the Alpine soil, enriched with minerals of glacial origin, contribute to a unique experience with our products.

Research and development
Alpine farm devotes a considerable part of its resources to research. Our production processes place our products at the forefront of technological development. This activity is complemented by a commitment to lobbying and advocacy, which aims to improve communication between producers and institutions, and promote cannabis-friendly legislation.

Dissemination of cannabis culture is another of Alpine Farm’s strengths and one of the key aspects of our social commitment, which takes the form of lectures and training courses held by renowned specialists in the field.

Seven hectares overlooking Lake Como form the extraordinary backdrop for our agritourism project, which finds its raison d’être in our olive oil and cannabis. The wide terraces with their centuries-old olive trees welcome our guests, who can enjoy seminars, recreational activities, delicious food and wine, and of course cannabis.

Luca Perego

CEO, Co Founder

Vera Mornatta, MD

Board of directors

Remo Pinana

COO, Co-founder

Chris Cyr

Business Development, Co-Founder

Riccardo Brioschi

Master Grower, Agronomist

Giacomo Sala

Master Grower, Agronomist

See you on the farm… the Alpine farm!

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