Craft Cannabis

Our team of dedicated growers cultivates the Alpine farm CBD cannabis plantations with purpose and expertise. Our range of CBD cannabis plants includes a variety of strains, including Helvetica, a Swiss hybrid variety grown in greenhouse facilities.

The Helvetica cannabis flower is crafted with infinite love and care. Our greenhouses are located in Ticino, kissed by the radiant sun and surrounded by majestic peaks of the Swiss Alps.

Nature’s full-spectrum alpine sunlight produces a natural, full-spectrum plant, rich in terpenes and flavonoids. The glacially-sourced water used in our farm is of the highest purity and richly imbued with minerals, having been filtered through the ancient mountain rocks.

Cultivating sun-grown cannabis in Ticino is not without peril. Occasional hail storms and floods, wind and pests all present great challenges. This is counterbalanced by many sunshine-filled days and nutrients delivered by those same floods, which together provide the unique, fertile terroir in which our plants flourish. The experience, craftsmanship and tenacity of our growers are key to nurturing our precious flowers, protecting them from the elements while they flourish in the natural sunshine and rich soil.

The result? The highest quality, sustainably sun-grown bud, rich in terpenes and full of flavour. Prepare to fall in love with our flower’s rich spectrum of cannabinoids!

See you on the farm… the Alpine farm!

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